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10 Common Mistakes Made by Immigration Applicants

  1. Applicants do not research the Law Firm they plan to use and the history of the Firm
  2. Applicants cannot differentiate between paralegal, Newly Qualified and Experience Immigration Solicitor
  3. Applicants go for the cheapest price / Quotes, without taking the experience of their Lawyer into consideration, sometimes this turns into a costly mistake. 
  4. Applicants cannot differentiate the quality in advice given while some believe the UKBA are able to give legal advice over the phone
  5. Some applicants listen to family and friends, and then decide to do the application themselves;  to save money but then complicates their matter and eventually look for Solicitor that will now cost them more than they could have spent originally
  6. Some applicants use the wrong form downloaded online, without knowing that the forms are regularly updated by UKBA this generally leads to refusals or invalid applications.  
  7. Applicants continue to stay illegally out of fear without having the confidence to speak to a Lawyer that could assist them 
  8. Applicants are not sure if their discussion will be confidential hence they don’t trust their advisers 
  9. Immigration applicants do not know how to assess the customer service of their chosen Solicitors as it’s known that the speed a Solicitor use to responds to your initial enquiry will be a guide on how you will be dealt with if instructed
  10. Some applicants are afraid of asking for price reductions, discounts or instalments out of concern of being rejected. You have nothing to lose if you ask and discount and instalment is offered on a case by case basis