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UK Immigration is very complex and with frequent changes in the rules since July 2012 it’s very easy for applicants to make mistakes or use old rules.

There are 3 common myths held my many applicants which lead to UK Visa refusals:

  • There is a belief that all you need to do is just to complete an application form and the visa will be approved ( wrong- it’s up to you to present your case which is much more than the standard questions asked by the application form)
  • Applicants believe the more you earn or the longer you’ve lived in the UK the better your chances. ( wrong- The Immigration Officer will refuse your case if they don’t understand your fianc├ęs –there was a refusal were the applicant had over 1- million dollars in savings)
  • Some applicants believe that when they speak to UKBA customer service on their proposed application, the advice given is the best for your circumstance their circumstance. (wrong-The Home Office is there to maintain immigration control, not legal advice, it is not their job to help you stay in the control!)

All the points above is wrong because when you complete an application, without the correct documentation, explanations and necessary appendices relevant to the Immigration rules, your application will be denied.

Irrespective of the amount you earn, if you don’t pay the correct taxes and present your income the correct way, the application will be denied.

The Home Office customer service is not equipped to give Immigration advice unless they are accredited by OISC or qualified Solicitor. Their offices make decisions on immigration applications and remove those in the UK without the right documentation; they do not offer legal advice.

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